The Tempest (2018)
Macbeth (2018)
Much Ado About Nothing (2019)
Twelfth Night (2018)

About Daniel

Daniel Mesta is a theatre professional who has received regional and national recognitions from the John F. Kennedy Center, the Association for Theatre in Higher Education and Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts Studies and Russian Studies from Brigham Young University, and is pursuing an MA in International Relations at the European University at St. Petersburg conducting research in cultural diplomacy and international performance.
He has worked in various capacities in radio, theatre, opera and dance. This included f0unding and managing DAM Good Productions for several years, and now includes working abroad with the Center for International Theatre Development and working for the Latine Musical Theatre Lab as literary manager and resident dramaturg.
Mesta is a proud Mexican-American, and his cultural background infiltrates his entire creative process. He formerly served on the executive committee of LMDA-Mexico, and now manages LMDA’s Latinx Affinity space known as Entre Líneas: Barrio Virtual de LMDA.
He is fluent in English, Spanish and Russian. In his spare time, Mesta enjoys playing and composing on the piano, accordion, organ, lyre and violin.

A first-person animation of Daniel’s career to date- 2022

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