“Each of the members of the Capuleto household have their own distinct flair of character… Mesta shines representing Mexico…”

– Calee Gardner reviewing Romeo y Julieta (2018), Daniel playing Teobaldo

“Mesta is very in character. His timing is great, excellent voice, great chemistry…a joy to watch.”

– Jennifer Mustoe reviewing Clue: The Musical (2018)

…under Daniel Mesta’s direction, the sparse scenery and nearly colorless costume palette of the small cast only serve to bring this play’s passionate emotions and conflicted characters to the forefront of the audience’s attention.”

– Tina Hawley reviewing Antigone (2019)

“Comedy gold…Witty and hilarious!”

– Jennifer Mustoe reviewing Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (2020),

The Seagullis thought-provoking and beautifully creative.”

– Samantha Baird reviewing The Seagull (2019)

“A highly recommendable production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth directed imaginatively and with authority by Daniel Mesta…”

– Kathy Curtiss reviewing Macbeth (2018)

Daniel Mesta’s directing debut was an October production of William Shakespeare’s famously chilling Macbeth. Produced by DAM Good Productions, the show ran for three performances in an outdoor theatre near Rock Canyon in Provo, Utah.

“…I started by observing the world that I lived in. As I did this, I was shocked by the amount of trust we place on news media, political and religious convictions, and members of our own community over outsiders over decency, humanity, and common sense… It made me ask the question “To what extent is our destiny our own?” That is when I knew that I needed to do Macbeth as a play that follows a religious cult through their changing power dynamic set against the backdrop of the end of the world. While the concept was ambitious, the execution is an exact replica of my vision for the play. Set against the backdrop of a harsh canyon on a cracked concrete stage, these nine talented storytellers manage to convey this complex vision with flashlights, lamps, a wheelbarrow, and some knives. As you watch the play, I hope that you focus on the deeper questions that the story raises. I am thrilled with the approach that we have taken, and I hope you are, too.” – Director’s Note, Macbeth (2018)

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