• Opera directing and assistant directing
  • Radio directing and assistant directing
  • Play directing and assistant directing
  • Concept strategy and application
  • Diversity and inclusion training for casts and companies


  • Script consultations for playwrights and screenwriters
  • Production dramaturgy for opera, ballet, radio and dance
  • Actors’ packets/research materials
  • Specialized consultations and workshops
  • Program notes and study guides
  • Score translations and supertitling for opera


  • Voice acting and narration
  • Stage acting
  • Acting coaching for singers
  • Speaking engagements for schools, conferences and panels

*Contact the site for quotes and pricing. Discounts are given for students, small companies, emerging artists and others*

What is Dramaturgy?

The chief responsibility of a dramaturg is the comprehensive creation of the world in which a story takes place. Whether it’s collaborating with playwrights to enrich the worlds that they create, workshopping with actors and directors to align text and performance, or researching a piece and creating materials to assist designers and performers, the dramaturg is a critical member of any production team.
Dramaturgs wear many hats on a production, and each artist approaches the discipline a different way.
To learn more about the role of the dramaturg, read Daniel’s article in Dramatics Magazine here.

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