Daniel Mesta: Actor, Director, Dramaturg

Why Daniel?

Daniel Mesta is a theatre creator in the Salt Lake City area. He describes his work as experimental, contemporary and culturally diverse. As an interdisciplinary eclectic, he enjoys expressing his point of view through traditional theatrical elements aided by music, dance, visual art and audio elements.
Daniel is driven by a fierce desire to make the theatre a place for inclusive introspection and radical empathy.

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While the role of a dramaturg is to immerse himself in the world of his collaborators, Daniel most often specializes in Russian theatre/opera, theatre of Elizabethan England and the Spanish Golden Age, and ancient Greek tragedy.

What is Dramaturgy?

The chief responsibility of a dramaturg is the comprehensive creation of the world in which a story takes place. Whether it’s collaborating with playwrights to enrich the worlds that they create, workshopping with actors and directors to align text and performance, or researching a piece and creating materials to assist designers and performers, the dramaturg is a critical member of any production team.
Dramaturgs wear many hats on a production, and each artist approaches the discipline a different way.
To learn more about the role of the dramaturg, read Daniel’s article in Dramatics Magazine here.

Twelfth Night (2018)

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